TDear GNSC, Patrons, Staff and Public,

Today, the GNSC learned that one of our staff and a few volunteers became sick with COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive to COVID-19.  Out of an abundance of concern for our seniors, who are at high risk for serious COVID-19 complications, and for our staff, who are on the frontline, we have decided to close our facility and will reopen on Monday, November 16th.   Please note that the risk to our patrons and others who have visited our facility is very low, but we are closing out of extreme caution for our patrons, to allow for testing of our team, and for thorough sanitizing of the facility.

We ask all of our patrons that, if you feel sick or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, to please seek the advice of your doctor before exposing yourself to others.  The national news over the past week demonstrates how rapidly COVID-19 can transmit when proper precautions are not followed.  We are thankful to all of our patrons who have abided by our strict mask requirement.

Out of respect for the individual’s privacy and in compliance with medical privacy laws, we are not disclosing the names of those involved, but we have consulted with the Berrien County Health Department to allow for proper monitoring of the situation.

We will keep the public informed of any changes to the situation on our answering machine, postings on the front door, and try to upload a link on our webpage.  If you have any questions or concerns you may email or call 269-683-9380 to leave a voicemail.  Please note due to the closure, response time will be slower than normal.  We thank you for your patience and understanding during our closure.





Jennifer Krueger

Executive Director