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 Refer to page 9 in our newsletter for additional resources & assistance.

Social Security Office Locator:  

Dial A Ride: Local Public Transportation:


Information on Dementia:

Aiding Victims & Families from Alzheimer's and Dementia: Project Lifesaver International | Bringing Loved Ones Home


Cass County Council on Aging:


Meals On Wheels:


Grief Support:




Various Resources to Aid Low-Income:

Various Resources to Educate and Connect People with Disabilities:


Help Veterans and Their Dependents Obtain VA Benefits:


Providing Free Legal Advice & Representation in Civil Cases to Low-income Residents of West Michigan:


Emergent & Non-Emergent Transports, Lift Assistance, & Wheelchair Van Service:


U.S. Dept. of Justice Diversion Control Division- Medication Disposal Search:


Various Resources & Assistance in the Niles Area:


Salvation Army: Program & Services, Food Assistance, Disaster Survivors, Addiction, & Church:


Christian Service Center Food Pantry:    269-684-0637

Distribute Food in West Michigan through programs such as Mobile Food Pantry:

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